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FCIB Acted as the Sole Sponsor and Joint Lead Underwriter for Non-public Offering of Guang Dong Fenghua Advanced Technology (Holding) Co., Ltd.


FCIB acted as sole sponsor and joint lead underwriter for Guang Dong Fenghua Advanced Technology (Holding) Co., Ltd.(“FHGK” or “the company”, 000636.SZ)on its A-share non-public offering (“the deal”). On Apr 15th 2022, the newly-issued shares accomplished its initial registration and deposit in China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd Shenzhen Branch.

FHGK is a provincial state-owned enterprise in Guangdong Province. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, manufacture and R&D of high-end new components, electronic materials, electronic special equipment and other basic electronic information products. At the same time, the company is also an electronic component enterprise with the largest scale in the domestic planar passive devices industry, the most complete set of component product series production and strong international competitiveness, it has large-scale supporting production capacity for consumer electronics, 5G communications, automotive electronics, large-scale industrial control and other application fields. FHGK is one of the top 100 electronics companies in China, and has been recognized as a national technology center, a national high-tech industrialization demonstration project unit, a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, and "863"  Program Base. 

The total amount raised by FHGK in this issuance is 5 billion yuan. The financing scale ranks among the top in the A-share market. It is also the largest project approved by a listed company controlled by Guangdong Province in the past ten years. Moreover, the relevant issuance work was raised in full at a relatively high price in a weak market, and achieved a complete success, which fully reflects our company's ability to operate large-scale equity financing projects.

During the execution stage, the project team has always maintained a professional and efficient execution quality, completed the application in a short time and with high quality, and proposed practical solutions to key core issues. In the process of auditing, the project team maintained sufficient and meticulous communication with the regulatory agency, so as to accurately grasp the key points of the audit. In the end, the issuance plan of FHGK was approved by the regulator, and the project passed the meeting without hearing. In the issuance stage, the team formulated a detailed and feasible issuance plan, and deeply explored the company's investment highlights. In a short period of time, the company efficiently organized several roadshows and promotions, fully grasped the focus of various investment institutions, and accurately predicted the time window to launch the issuance. With this preparation, the related work was successfully completed. Our professional ability and professionalism have been fully affirmed by customers and regulatory agencies. The successful completion of FHGK's large-scale financing project has won a good reputation for FCIB in the capital market.

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